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Residential Lighting Trends 2022

Year after year, old trends fade away, and new ones evolve in fashion, clothing, business, and technology. The lighting scene is no exception. While there won't be any drastic change in lighting trends in 2022, you can expect more simplicity and originality.

Whether you're doing a major overhaul in your home or updating a specific section, these residential lighting trends will ensure your home remains trendy and stylish in 2022 and beyond.

#1. Hidden lighting

One of the top trends that'll gain even more ground in 2022 is the use of hidden lighting to bring life to certain parts of the home that may otherwise look boring and drab. With hidden lighting illuminating surfaces from seemingly nowhere, the home gets a kind of beauty that's different. Designers have been creative with hidden lighting, utilizing them to create stunning sights in specific areas. This will explode into the scene in 2022.

#2. Smart lighting will lead the way

The lighting world isn't left out of the advancement in technology. By controlling your lighting from your mobile device, you can completely change your room's mood, ambiance, and tone. Thanks to smart technology, you can effortlessly adjust the colors, brightness, and intensity of a bulb.

You can create the right mood for a party, movie night, reading, intimacy, and other scenarios. Your smart LED light can also connect with your GPS location, enabling it to turn on when you arrive home.

#3. Lighting for modern decor

Gone are the days when lighting fixtures with excessive ornamentation were the in-thing. This year, designers, homeowners, and decorators are shifting away from complex systems toward cleaner and simpler lighting designs that fit in perfectly with the modern home.

Cleaner lighting fixtures with simple designs and soft colors will be fashionable in 2022. Use them as standalone fixtures to make a bold statement.

#4. Fixtures as centerpieces

Sometimes, the bigger the fixtures, the better. Large fixtures are hard to ignore, emanating illumination that grabs the attention of first-time visitors to your home. Big fixtures are also excellent centerpieces, bringing all the design elements in the room together. They are best used over dining tables, foyers, and central areas.

Let your style win

The best style to go for is one you love, works perfectly for your home, and makes you feel comfortable every time. The residential lighting trends 2022 above are meant to give you an idea of how to design your home's lighting, so do not be pressured into choosing a style that doesn't work for you.

It's best to work with an expert who'll give clarity to your lighting ideas and help you make the right choices. Let your style win!

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